Cherry Financing Options

Beauty on a Budget

We understand your desire to look the age you feel, but not wanting to break the bank to look your best. Which is why we, at Precision Cosmetics Med Spa in Tucson, work with our patients to ensure you can have the treatment you want now while paying later. There’s no need to pay for your treatments all at once. Instead, let us assist you in working with our payment plan provider, Cherry, to split your purchases into smaller, more manageable monthly payments so that you can look and feel beautiful today.

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What is Cherry?

Get treated now and make payments over time with Cherry. Cherry is a payment plan that allows you to get treated today and make convenient monthly payments. You can get approved with Cherry in 60 seconds and complete your treatment and product purchase quickly and painlessly.

3 Reasons Why Patients Love Cherry:

  • Cherry qualifies patients for up to $10,000.00
  • There is no hard credit check
  • Cherry offers zero percent financing options*

*0% promo APR is subject to approval. Regular APR 9.99% – 35.99%. Down payment may be required.

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How does Cherry work?

When you apply, Cherry performs a soft credit check, which does not hurt your credit score. It verifies your identity and determines your approval amounts. Cherry may ask for additional information from some borrowers in order to determine approval amounts.

Patient Requirements

  1. Patient must be at least 18 years of age
  2. Patient must have a valid bank issued debit card
  3. Patient must have a valid U.S. driver license

Absolutely! If you keep your account current, you may redeem the remaining balance. For example, if you’re approved for $1,000 and only use $500, you may go back and use the remaining $500 as long as you continue to make payments on time.

Also, by establishing a good borrower history with Cherry and paying your loans off completely, you can make your full approval amount available again.

No! Your account will not be charged any fees or penalties if you pay early.

Also, if you pay off your account before the final payment is due, you won’t pay any interest that would accrue over the rest of the loan, saving you money.

Approvals are valid for 30 days. Once that time period expires, you are welcome to reapply.