MOXI Laser Therapy


Moxi Laser Therapy: 

Moxi laser is a non-ablative laser that provides preventative skin care, rejuvenation, and resurfacing. As compared to other laser treatments, Moxi is said to be more gentle. 

Its brand states it as a tool for “prejuvenation”. In addition, many patients say that Moxi laser therapy has resurfaced their hyperpigmentation, texture, and skin tone. Furthermore, it is an amazing fractional and preventative therapy for skin. 

How Does Moxi Laser Therapy Works?

MOXI™ is a non-ablative laser. Therefore, it does not create an open wound in the skin. MOXI uses a random fractionated pattern at a certain strength to dispense microscopic depots of laser energy on the skin surface. Consequently, no actual open wound is formed. But it creates a microscopic epidermal tissue response that really brightens the skin.

What are the Benefits of Moxi Laser Therapy?

MOXI is a greatly beneficial laser skin resurfacing procedure for men and women.

Moxi Laser Therapy is safe for all skin types. This revolutionary laser is becoming a recognized treatment for Melasma as it does not produce high amounts of heat that can trigger hyperpigmentation associated with it.

A healthy glow is noticed after the MOXI. It is a minimally invasive treatment premeditated to diminish early signs of aging. However, you will not see a dramatic improvement after MOXI. It is great for maintaining youthful skin.

Moxi Laser Therapy is a great way to treat minor skin concerns, including texture, fine lines, creases, and wrinkles. Moreover, it is found highly effective in preventing skin damage and signs of aging before they occur. A good rule of thumb is if the condition of your skin reflects your age, then the MOXI laser is for you.

You can get Moxi therapy in synergy with a few other treatments like BBL Laser. However, to get some other treatments like Dermal fillers, it is recommended to wait for approximately 2 weeks.


What can Moxi Laser Therapy used for?

Does MOXI Laser Treatment Hurt?

MOXI Laser Therapy is a gentle laser treatment that usually does not hurt. During a MOXI treatment, a slight prickling sensation might be felt on the treated area. Topical numbing creams are used, but for most MOXI treatments, it is considered a very bearable procedure that doesn’t require numbing.

How Often Should I Get a Moxi Laser Treatment?

It is recommended to get 3 Moxi treatments every year to achieve your skin goals and Minimize the appearance of signs of aging. 

How Much Downtime is Associated with MOXI Laser Treatment?

MOXI Laser Treatment has a minimal healing period that requires little to no downtime. You might experience some redness and warm up of the treated area for approximately 3-4 days after a MOXI laser treatment. 

How Much Does MOXI Laser Treatment Cost?

At Precision Cosmetics, The Pricing of Moxi laser treatment is as under:

MOXI Full Face

45 minutes · $600

MOXI Package of 4 Face

45 minutes · $1920

MOXI Face, Neck, Chest

1 hour · $1100

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