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Microblading & Machine Brows: 

Perhaps two of the most contemporary & sophisticated trends that have brought the permanent makeup to the forefront are Microblading and Machine Brows.

We at Precision Cosmetics are committed to providing you with personalized and customized Microblading & Machine brows services for you in accordance with your eyebrow situation and skin type.

It goes with saying that the eyebrows are an integral feature of the beauty of the face. Groomed and well-shaped eyebrows not only accentuate your eyes but also enhance your overall appearance by shaping your face.

Let’s have a closer look together at how leveraging our Microblading & Machine Brows service is going to transform your look and life.


Microblading is a form of semi-permanent eyebrows. Microblading has taken the entire beauty and aesthetics industry by storm due to its numerous pros and hyper-realistic look. With that said, Machine Brows have outranked Microblading since they allow the person to choose from a variety of techniques and offer more advantages like less skin trauma and downtime and more longevity. However, the most notable competitive advantage of Microblading is its beautiful natural appearance.

Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing. A medical-grade pigment is implanted into the epidermis layer of skin using a manual handheld tool.

Microblading lasts for about a year or so, depending on your skin type and lifestyle. Moreover, it is not recommended for folks having oily skin tones to go for microblading. The downtime for microblading is 25_30 months. It requires fewer touchups as compared to machine brows. Furthermore, post-microblading care is to be taken to ensure the best results including:

  • Keeping the area dry for almost 7 days.
  • Makeup shouldn’t be worn during downtime.
  • Hair should be kept away from the browline


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Machine Brows:

Machine brow is an amazing technique to make subtle eyebrows using a sophisticated cosmetic tattoo machine. Whilst it may not look as natural as microblading, Machine brows look equally charismatic and give a bolder look to the chic. Moreover, you have a wide variety of techniques to opt from machine brows. Machine brows last way longer than microblading. With that said, it requires more touchups and downtime is lesser than that of Microblading, and aftercare is not as rigorous as of Microblading. Contrary to Microblading, Machine brows are suitable for all skin types.

Combination Brows offers the best of both worlds, since they have both strokes and shading, as in Microblading and Machine brows respectively. Therefore, it is also known as Blade & Shade.


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At Precision Cosmetics, our Ombre brows, Combo brows, and Microblading services are at your disposal.


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How Much Does Microblading and Machine Brows Cost at Precision Cosmetics?

At Precision Cosmetics, the pricing is as follows:

Microblading: $550

Combination brows: $550

Ombre Brows: $550

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