Permanent Eyeliner


Are you tired as hell of spending hours daily to achieve perfect eyeliner? Achieving a perfect eyeliner can be frustrating and heck at times since it requires precision and luck too but the good news is: you don’t need to worry about the smudging of your eyeliner anymore because Permanent Eyeliner has got your back. 

What is a Permanent Eyeliner? 

Permanent eyeliner is a form of cosmetic tattooing and is often referred to as Eyeliner tattooing. A pigment is imparted across the lash line and is deposited in the first layer of skin. Moreover, various styles are also offered such as fine, thin, or medium to thick eyeliner. 

What are the Benefits of Permanent Eyeliner:

  • It looks absolutely fabulous every day even without any other makeup. However, other permanent makeup like Microblading or machine brows multiplies its beauty. It is synergistic with other treatments as well.
  • You don’t have to spend hours and effort fixing your liner every time.
  • It enhances your eye shape.
  • No sensitivity and smudging issues are encountered with permanent eyeliners. In addition, Permanent eyeliner is also waterproof unlike traditional eyeliners giving you full freedom to enjoy swimming, camping, or whatsoever activity you want to do. 

What is the procedure of Permanent Eyeliner:

Firstly, the area of your skin is cleaned with an eye-approved anti-bacterial then a numbing cream is applied. Then the color pigments are inserted in the form of micro-droplets. 

Permanent eyeliner is an entirely customizable technique. Various steps and tools are modified according to the desired look. Our Clients often come up with desired looks such as high definition, powdery or shadow-like finish, or a thick line or tight line to name but a few.

How Long Does Permanent Eyeliner Last:  

The longevity of eyeliner varies depending on care, lifestyle, and texture of the skin. In normal cases, it can last up to 2-3 years. However, touch-ups are required to maintain the look.

What is the Downtime for Permanent Eyeliner?

The healing process usually takes 7-10 days. Following cautionary things should be avoided during these days:

  • Don’t apply mascara during the healing days since it is full of bacteria and can cause infection.
  • Don’t rub and rinse your eyes during this time period.
  • Avoid swimming and spending excess time in the shower.
  • Avoid heavy exercises that cause sweating.

How Much Does Permanent Eyeliner Cost at Precision Cosmetics:

 At Precision Cosmetics, 2 hours, 30-minute session costs $450.

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