Derma planning is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that removes the top layer of skin. The procedure aims to remove acne scars, dirt, wrinkles, and unwanted hairs also known as “Peach fuzz”

Benefits of Derma Planning: 

  • It makes the skin look young, fresh, and bright.
  • It aids in diminishing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and creases.
  • It reduces the signs of aging.
  • It cleans and minimizes the pores to make skin more radiant & youthful.
  • It is a refreshing and enjoyable procedure. Highly recommended for people having tired skin due to tough daily routines.
  • It is a very gentle and safe procedure. Unlike traditional and harsh facials.
  • It is synergistic with all other treatments such as Hydra facial or chemical peel as well. 


The Procedure:

The procedure of Derma planning is quite similar to that of shaving. It starts with using an electric or manual derma planning tool on the face at an angle of 45-degree. This exfoliates your skin and also removes acne scars, debris and dirt gently.

Next, the skin is soothed with a substance like an aloe or any other moisturizer. Moreover, sunscreen is also applied to protect the face. 

How Much Time is Required for Derma Planning?

Derma planning is a quick process and requires 30 minutes approximately.

What is the Downtime for Derma Planning: 

Derma planning is a non-invasive treatment and does not require any downtime. 

How Long Does the Effect of Derma Planning Last?

The effects of derma planning are impermanent and it lasts for approximately 3-4 weeks. This time is about how long it takes the skin cells to complete their rejuvenation cycle. Moreover, it should be noted that derma planning is not an ever-lasting solution. After all, dead skin cells continue to form over the course of time, and fine hairs are frequently growing.

How much does a facial cost?

Dermaplaning is part of our facial packages below

Signature Facial
1 hour, 45 mins · $150
Gentleman Facial
1 hour, 15 mins · $140
Pre Teen Facial
1 hour · $75

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