BBL Laser Treatment

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BBL Laser Therapy:

BBL stands for Broadband light laser therapy. Another name for it is photofacial. It is a safe and effective therapy to address a wide range of cosmetic skin concerns. 

What are The Benefits of BBL Laser Therapy?

 BBL Laser therapy offers a wide range of benefits like:

BBL treatments help to enhance the appearance of skin damaged by factors such as UV radiation exposure, harmful skin care products, dust & environmental pollution.

It is widely used to treat serious skin issues like rosaceaacne, and vascular lesions.

BBL laser therapy enhances the firmness of your skin, elasticity, and pigmentation. Moreover, it also boosts the self-healing ability of your body which enables it to regrow healthy skin.

How is BBL Laser Treatment Done?

Firstly, a cooling gel is applied to the treatment area and possibly a topical anesthetic. Moreover, you are supposed to wear safety shields, goggles, or glasses to protect your eyes.

Burning sensations, pulses, and mild pain are normal sensations during this process. Furthermore, your skin might feel a little warm and appear red, swollen, or sunburned.

BBL treatments leverage a broad spectrum of wavelengths to target the underlying layers of your skin. Your skin absorbs this light energy, which promotes collagen production and eliminates pigmented skin cells.

Visible changes to your skin are anticipated within a few days or weeks of your first BBL treatment. As you continue treatments, you will observe more favorable changes.


What BBL is used for

How Often Should I Get a BBL Laser Therapy?

It is recommended to have three to six BBL therapy after a few weeks. After that, it is recommended to have 2-3 treatments every year to maintain, sustain and improve your results.

What is the Downtime of BBL Laser Therapy?

There is little to no downtime associated with BBL Laser therapy. Patients often return to their normal lifestyle and can wear makeup right away.

 However, if you have brown spots, those brown spots will get darker, come to the surface, and diminish in five to seven days. 

How Much Does BBL Laser Therapy Costs at Precision Cosmetics?

BBL Face

 Duration: 30 minutes 

Price: $500

BBL Face Package of 4

Duration: 30 minutes 

Price: $1600

BBL Neck, Chest

 Duration: 30 minutes 

Price: $400

BBL Neck, Chest Package of 4

 Duration: 30 mins 

Price: $1280

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