Heather Mendoza

Heather Mendoza - PMU Artist


Heather is a highly skilled Permanent Makeup Artist. She has been practicing PMU since 2016 (performing over a thousand procedures) and specializes in eyebrows (microblading, powder brows) and lips (lip blush). Heather continuously trains with the best professionals in the industry to keep up with the latest techniques and products. She is extremely passionate about her artistry and takes great pride in providing her clients with the best possible results. She is committed to creating long-term relationships with her clients and excels in client satisfaction. Heather loves helping and supporting her fellow artists and believes in working, learning, and growing together to evolve to the highest level of skill offered. Heather draws inspiration from her balanced lifestyle- spending time with her loved ones as well as enjoying her hobbies such as gardening, home décor, organization, and travel.